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One Foot in the Grave - Audiobook

One Foot in the Grave - Audiobook

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Book 3: Carly Moore Series

Narrated by Shannon McManus

The dead can’t speak

After months of living in the Smoky Mountains town of Drum, Tennessee, Carly knows firsthand the financial hardship the citizens face. Still, she can’t muster the same excitement as everyone else when town patriarch Bart Drummond breaks ground on his new resort that promises more jobs and money.

But the project comes to a screeching halt when the construction crew unearths a grisly discovery—multiple unmarked graves. Some are decades old, some are newer, but one, in particular, threatens Carly’s ex-boyfriend—the body of his old girlfriend who had supposedly left town…and Wyatt is suspect number one.

Carly’s sure Wyatt’s innocent, even if the rest of the town, and more importantly, the sheriff’s department, is ready to lock him up. Carly has moved on from Wyatt, but now he’s asking for her help to clear his name. In exchange, he’ll tell her everything he knows about his father. Information that will help her bring Bart down.

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